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After careful consideration and deliberation, our selection committee has emerged with this year’s Official Festival Selection! Congratulation to all the selected filmmakers! And a special thanks to everyone who submitted a film – there was certainly no lack of talent… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Prey by Falling October Productions

Don’t eat that jelly donut! Prey exemplifies what a modern-day “mad Frankenstein” experiment gone wrong might look like… or did it go so right? “You either become the predator or the prey”, the tagline reverberates. Director Michelle Gibbs dove into… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Hunted by Andrew Mingyar

In the now-classic, found-footage fashion, Hunted allows you to feel like you and your friends have just stumbled upon something truly terrifying. According to director Andrew Mingyar, Hunted was produced specially for the Haunted Oaks festival, “Drawing inspiration from Cloverfield’s… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Dark Chocolate by Gaff Tape & A Prayer

This dark comedy stirs a balanced mix of sweet chuckles and rich, bloody goodness. Ok, enough of the chocolate puns. Dark Chocolate was awarded Audience Choice at the 48 Hour Film Festival, and with the dark turn it takes, we can… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Daisy by Locust Street Entertainment

A 48 Hour favorite, Daisy scooped up both top award and spectator praise as the cringe-worthy thriller drove its 48HHFF peers and audience to applause. Daisy explores the dark, alternative lifestyle a man and what an unsuspecting protagonist is horrified… Continue Reading →

2016 Scream Queen Announced!

The Haunted Oaks Scream Queen Award is given to one outstanding woman whose personal example and contribution to Horror stand out in Greater Pittsburgh and inspire female excellence in the world of horror. From nominees chosen by our judges, audience,… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Last Rain by Carnegie Screenwriters

Last Rain was the winner of the most “Soul Staining” award the most recent 48 Hour Horror Film Festival and they are proud of it. “I want you as a viewer to either enjoy it for its B movie shlock… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: The Catalyst by Alan Fine, Catalyst Ghost Stories

“Accidents WILL happen…” a text card reads at the open of the film. In The Catalyst, director Alan Fine explores a reasonable variation of poltergeist activity as the lead characters experience terror as they go about their daily lives, “Accidents are… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Candy by Nelson Vicens

Reminiscent of the new classic, “Trick Or Treat”, CANDY is Haunted Oaks prime Halloween flick that takes you to the edge of your gore limits. If it was a classic, suspense-and-jump flick you were looking for at our festival, CANDY… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Being Frank by Carpio Pictures

With a climbing pace and spotlit lighting, this gorgeous film is intriguing and suspenseful from shot #1. Being Frank calmly examines one account of rage and revenge and what one man does to take action on real-life evil. Director Franklin… Continue Reading →

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