In the now-classic, found-footage fashion, Hunted allows you to feel like you and your friends have just stumbled upon something truly terrifying. According to director Andrew Mingyar, Hunted was produced specially for the Haunted Oaks festival, “Drawing inspiration from Cloverfield’s visual style and the Blair Witch Project’s production aspects, I decided to go with a found footage film. This film style allowed me to create a low budget film with only 2 other people. I feel like the time constraint helped, since it gave me the idea for the film, kept it grounded and doable by myself, and played to my strengths in directing and editing.

Mingyar employed the classic horror film devices of mystery and and a barely-seen monster to induce the type of fear and anxiety he was hoping to draw, “The less you see something, the scarier it is.  You can see the effects of it, but without seeing the thing itself, it makes your mind run wild with possibilities.  That is so much scarier than anything that can be shown on screen.”

With little time and budget, Mingyar hopes that the Haunted Oaks audience will be taken with the execution of the story and performances, “I know at that point I made something that gets people immersed, and I did it without a budget or resources.  I managed to make people feel intense emotion strictly on my two talented friends, my filmmaking skills, and little else. To me, that’s the best reaction I can get.  I’ve been trying to keep the video away from my friends until after the festival, but the few that I’ve shown it to jump while watching it and then look at me dumbfounded,” Mingyar recounts. “The reaction I’m hoping to get from the Haunted Oaks audience is excitement.”

Don’t stray off the path. Hunted screens on Saturday, October first at The Oaks Theater! Doors open at 6:00 pm, and the lights will go down at 7:30 pm.

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