Don’t eat that jelly donut! Prey exemplifies what a modern-day “mad Frankenstein” experiment gone wrong might look like… or did it go so right? “You either become the predator or the prey”, the tagline reverberates.

Director Michelle Gibbs dove into the idea of the feral balance of humans as animals, “Our initial inspiration was just creating a film that anyone could be either the victim or the prey. It’s something within all of us that would only show when put in intense situations.”

The films builds its element of fear around the classic chase and…. SUSPENSE! “Jump scares,  jump scares, jump scares!” Gibbs exclaims. “We are hoping that this awesome film keep the audience attention, and give them that rush that we all love… Anticipation is what scares me the most. That feeling of trying to guess what will happens next can cause me and anyone anxiety. We hope the audience feels the same. There are a lot of good moments in the film that hopefully showcase this.”

Pick the correct donut… and come see Prey on Saturday, October first at The Oaks Theater! Doors open at 6:00 pm, and the lights will go down at 7:30 pm.

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