The Third Experience tackles a subject viewers can relate to often easier than monsters in the night. “One thing that scares me, and I feel scares everyone, is the thought what it is to die, however it may inevitably come.  A last breath which we cannot predict.  That finite “nothingness” we think may be waiting… Time, a silent killer.  The true grim reaper,” explains director Aeyron Moore.

Moore’s film follows the dictation of a scientist developing the cure for a hereditary disease, a message to the scientist’s brother. Moore clarifies, “ It’s not the “jump in your seat” kind of film.  I hope it gets some people thinking, possibly placing theirselves in relationship to one of the characters. My favorite reaction has been “the chills” people have gotten from the short story.”

With fantastic special effects by Dorian Cleavenger, the transformation into the third experience brings on the “the chills” easily. When describing the conception of this film, Moore asked himself a question: “When your life is at stake how far into darkness will one go for self preservation?”

It’s almost time to discover all three experiences. Catch The Third Experience on the big screen on Saturday, October first at The Oaks Theater! Doors open at 6:00 pm, and the lights will go down at 7:30 pm.

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