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September 2016


Check out these minimalist posters for each of our 12 official selections for 2016 Haunted Oaks Film Festival! If you haven’t already gotten your tickets,  now would be a great time. Just a few days left until October 1st! Buy… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: The Third Experience by Stone Phoenix Productions

The Third Experience tackles a subject viewers can relate to often easier than monsters in the night. “One thing that scares me, and I feel scares everyone, is the thought what it is to die, however it may inevitably come. … Continue Reading →

2016 Trailers – Haunted Oaks Film Festival

Haunted Oaks Film Festival is proud to be premiering several films, and bringing a new audience to several locally (and regionally) made short horror films from Pittsburgh, Providence, Philadelphia and NYC! WATCH TRAILERS FOR OUR 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS The Catalyst… Continue Reading →

Announcing our 2016 Official Selections!

Here are the Official Selections for Haunted Oaks Film Festival 2016! We lovingly reviewed over 250 short horror film submissions this season, to bring you these fine selections: Obi by Nico Vescio The Catalyst by Alan Fine (Catalystghoststories) Daisy by… Continue Reading →

HAUNTED COUNTDOWN: Mute by A Color Green

As one of Haunted Oaks shortest finalist, MUTE wraps up an exciting story of kidnapping and torture in little time and with little words. If you scream alone in the forest, did you ever make a sound? The film opens… Continue Reading →

Haunted Countdown: OBi by Nico Vescio

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey as a working part of your household? In this beautifully produced short, Nico Vescio composes a grounded and realistic interpretation of how a big brother… Continue Reading →

    Very excited to announce these Featured Selections to screen at at Haunted Oaks Film Festival! OBI by Nico Vescio Mute by A Color Green MUTE (Official Teaser) from A COLOR GREEN on Vimeo. Daisy by Locust Street Entertainment… Continue Reading →

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