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 I understand that if I do not provide a viewing link above for my film, I must submit my film for consideration via EMAIL to: TheHauntedOaks@Gmail.Com OR a via post to: Haunted Oaks Film Festival 5814 Stanton Avenue, Unit # 1, Pittsburgh 15206 and my submission must be received no later than September 15th.

 I attest that I have the right to license this film's one-time screening at Haunted Oaks Film Festival

 I understand that Haunted Oaks Film Festival will strongly prefer film submissions for which the director or other key creators will be present and able to attend the festival and accompanying Q&A Session on October 1st at 6:00 pm in Oakmont, PA.

If selected, who will attend Haunted Oaks Film Festival on October 1st to represent your film? Check all that apply. Please be realistic 🙂
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FOR AWARDS CONSIDERATION: Please provide a complete list of credits for the cast, crew, and creators of this film, or an up-to-date IMDB link with the complete information. Please double check names and credits, so that we may recognize everyone who contributed to your film.


If you apply for Featured Title status, you agree to the following:

- EXCLUSIVE SCREENING DURING PERIOD OF HAUNTED OAKS: I agree that my film will NOT BE SCREENED at any other at any other PA, OH, or WV film festival/public screening during the period of September 9th and October 8th, 2016. My film will screen exclusively at Haunted Oaks Film Festival during the two weeks PRIOR to, and one week AFTER Haunted Oaks Film Festival.

- PREFERRED SELECTION REVIEW: I understand that by applying for Featured Title Status, my film will have an ADVANTAGE in the selection and promotional process of Haunted Oaks Film Festival. However, this application will have no bearing on the jury's ultimate award decisions.

_ NON-JURY PREFERENCE WAIVER: I understand that, if selected, my decision to apply for Featured Title Status will not affect my chances of winning any award associated with Haunted Oaks Film Festival.

- PROMOTIONAL CONTENT WAIVER: I understand that my film's title, synopsis, and promotional imagery may be used (with my pre-approval) for promoting my film as a FEATURED TITLE, or HEADLINING film at Haunted Oaks Film Festival 2016.

- FEATURED HEADLINE USE: I understand that by applying for Featured Title Status, my film may be selected as a HEADLINING title to market Haunted Oaks Film Festival to a broader audience, and I may be asked to participate in PRESS-RELATED events or phone interviews before or after Haunted Oaks Film Festival 2016.

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